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Angels In America [Mini Series]

March 10, 2009

Angels In America

Angels is set in the eighties in NYC and focuses on the AIDS stricken Prior Walter who is abandoned by his over Louis. Also in this sprawling film where several actors play several roles are the McCarthy-era closet case Roy Cohn, the accused Communist spy Ethel Rosenberg, Louis’s new lover Joe Pitt (Wilson), his mother Hanna (Streep, who also plays an elderly Rabbi), his wife Harper (Parker) and a enormous rather mystified angel played by Emma Thompson who also plays a Brooklyn accented nurse and a homeless woman. Perhaps the supporting player who most stands out is Jeffrey Wright who stars not only as a very gay nurse, but also as a guide in Harper’s fantasies. Yes, the film is filled with fantasies — so many we couldn’t share them all here — in fact, we wouldn’t dare.

Part 1: Millennium Approaches
01 Bad News
02 In Vitro
03 The Messenger

Part 2: Perestroika
04 Stop Moving
05 Beyond Nelly
06 Heaven, I’m In Heaven