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Nip Tuck – Season 4 Episode 4

August 23, 2009

04 Shari Noble

Sean has visions of both Escobar Gallardo (guest star Robert LaSardo) and Megan O’Hara (guest star Julie Warner) after eating pot brownies made by Monica (guest star Jennifer Hall), who continues to make advances toward him. James (guest star Jacqueline Bisset), Michelle’s former madam, requests surgery for one of her “girls”. After discovering her past, Christian blackmails Michelle (guest star Sanaa Lathan) into having sex with him. Conor’s nanny, Marlowe Sawyer (guest star Peter Dinklage), supports Julia as she struggles to breast feed. A beautiful young woman (guest star Monica Dean) at a lesbian bar lures Liz into a dangerous trap. The wife of a soldier about to return from Iraq requests immediate surgery, claiming that her dog bit off one of her nipples. Guest starring Larry Hagman.

Nip Tuck – Season 4 Episode 3

August 23, 2009

03 Monica Wilder

Sean and Julia interview nannies for their unborn baby, including a young woman named Monica who Sean has sex with after driving her home. Scared of Monica telling Julia about their night together, he offers to fix her deviated septum for free. Christian requests liposuction after an unflattering sex tape with an old flame is leaked onto the internet and an encounter with a physically perfect rival surgeon (guest star Mario Lopez) in the gym showers leaves him feeling out of shape. Julia goes into labor. Michelle (guest star Sanaa Lathan) threatens to sue Liz for sexual harassment after she makes assumptions about her encounter with James. Guest starring Peter Dinklage.

Nip Tuck – Season 4 Episode 2

August 8, 2009

02 Blu Mondae

Sean, still affected by the revelations about his unborn child, offers to perform pro-bono surgery on a young man (guest star Nate Mooney) with severe facial deformities. In an effort to prove his masculinity, Christian sets out to bring a young “gay-for-pay” hustler (guest star Thad Luckinbill) back to heterosexuality. Matt runs into Kimber and discovers that she has become a follower of Scientology since her attack at the hands of The Carver. Inspired by the changes in Kimber’s outlook on life, Matt embraces the religion himself. Liz witnesses Michelle’s (guest star Sanaa Lathan) encounter with a mysterious woman from her past: James (guest star Jacqueline Bisset). Christian abuses the pro-bono surgery quota in Burt Landau’s new company guidelines by performing a breast reduction on a lap dancer. Guest starring Richard Chamberlain.

Nip Tuck – Season 4 Episode 1 [iPod]

August 8, 2009

01 Cindy Plumb

Sean and Christian celebrate their 5,000th surgery together. Christian visits a therapist (Brooke Shields) who, after learning of his fear of intimacy, suggests that he is secretly in love with Sean. Julia investigates the genetic disorder her unborn child is suffering from, and is nervous about telling Sean. Burt Landau (Larry Hagman), a wealthy venture capitalist, purchases McNamara/Troy, while Christian finds himself immediately attracted to his much younger wife Michelle (Sanaa Lathan). A phone sex operator requests a voice lift.

Nip Tuck Season 5

January 14, 2009

16 Gene Shelly

After being rejected by Kimber on account of his post-surgery scars and with his chemotherapy making him sick, Christian seeks support from Liz, which leads to a surprising sexual encounter between them. Sean discovers his new lover (Jaime Ray Newman) has a disturbing fetish, and further alienates Julia and Matt when they learn that he has been faking his need for a wheelchair. Raj has a life-altering sexual encounter with the wife (Beth Gargan) of McNamara/Troy’s latest patient.